Experimenting with spare chord arrangements led Jack Gudhart (The Wyrms, Rogue Band of Youth) to write “Dream Eater,” a  hypnotizing, woozy new song with Analog Mountains bandmate Chris Fulton (Mantle, Fanghole).

After listening to the arrangement the first time, Fulton commented that the arrangement sounded like it should be about a “desert witch.” 

“Dream Eater” premieres on the INDY today ahead of the debut EP release of Analog Mountains—self-described by the Carrboro dup as “just two dads writing tunes”—drops tomorrow on the Potluck Foundation. Gudhart says that the bespoke witch was inspired by Sand Hags, a fictional figure that lurks in deserts, attracting travelers with the promise of oasis, and then drains them of moisture once the travelers go to sleep.

Instead of moisture, Gudhart decided, he wanted his monster to drain people of the emotions of dreaming people. It’s a pretty sweet premise, one aided by Gudhart’s wife, Chloe, who contributes eerie violin and whispery harmony. Hypnotic, droning bass gives way to a scuzzy garage sound, as the band members croon “Inside my dreams, I lived a dozen lives / My body did not decay, nor did my mind.”

The delightful video for “Dream Eater” comes from creative commons footage of Häxan, a Swedish silent film, and was edited by Alex Vasselman. October starts tomorrow—go celebrate some manipulative witches. Just hang tight to your dreams. 

YouTube video

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