We’re sorry to be forward, but this is a sexy song about sex, though there’s nothing on it that would even come close to warranting a Parental Advisory sticker. For his new single, “K.M.O,” Raleigh’s Jamil Rashad (aka Boulevards) tracked in LA with songwriter and producer Russell Manning, and they cooked up a wintry yet steamy slab of disco-funk pillow talk, with a warm-blooded bass line chilled by ice-water keyboards and ice-chip guitars. The lyrics are all anticipation, but the music’s all release, the seventies-funk sound bathed in the pulse and shiver of contemporary house. Stick around for the ambient outro.  

“K.M.O” is available on Spotify and SoundCloud. Boulevards performs with Kooley High and Zack Mexico at Lincoln Theatre on Saturday, March 30.