Local indie-rock collective Potluck Foundation is on a real tear right now, with at least five releases dropping in April and May.

Already out: post-punk band Le Weekend’s album 3 Good Songs, whose title definitely bears out the “wary sarcasm peculiar to vintage Chapel Hill indie rockers” thing we pointed out in our review of Erie Choir’s new Potluck release.

Jphono1 & the Chevrons Your Space Is You comes out Friday (we premiered a single and video), as does Hot After Heat by Shelles.

And then there’s Stray Owls’ Stray Owls Versus Time and Space, the Mebane-based indie-psych band’s second record, which comes out May 8. It was recorded with their drummer, Jerry Kee, whose Duck Kee Studios (recently refurbished after a fire) has produced approximately one million local rock records and counting.

Stray Owls’ influences are pretty classic—somewhere between Pink Floyd and the retro-futuristic indie-pop of Grandaddy—but their sound is bespoke. There’s no bassist, and Matthew French and Scott Griffiths like to run acoustic-electric guitars through spaceship-like pedalboards, resulting in a softer, fuzzier sound.

On “Dislocation,” which we’re premiering today, they slow-dance through a moonlit verse and then guitar-solo into an uplifting chorus sung by Cory Griffiths, Scott’s wife. Building and breaking the arrangement with understated grandeur, it’s the rare space-rock opus that also works as a singalong and a lullaby. 

Stray Owls also released a video for album track “Words,” which you should check out after listening to “Dislocation” below:     

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