The ever-so-talented Durham R&B band Young Bull premiered the official video for its single “City Girl” on BET Jams last week. Directed and edited by Patrick Lincoln of Torch House Media, the video’s super-chill party vibe is a perfect introduction of the band to the world.

Lincoln incorporates a wide range of creative visual techniques, and both Christian Sinclair and Tahmique Cameron appear comfortable performing for the camera. The video is full of recognizable Durham locations, including the skate park, and the incorporation of skateboarders with a mime hip-hop dancer is fitting for the group’s eclectic sound. 

One of the most memorable feats of the video is the inclusive vision of Black women’s beauty. Hip-hop and R&B videos have a troubled history with colorism, as they tend to glorify only longer-haired, lighter-skinned models. But the leading lady in “City Girl” has glowing brown skin and natural hair—a bold contemporary Caesar haircut.

The video closes with infamous red cups all empty on the floor, a sure sign that the turn-up in the city with the pretty girl was well worth it. Young Bull fans can catch the video on BET several times a day between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., stream it on the BET Jams website, or watch it below:

YouTube video