Right now, we are witnessing unprecedented attacks on our democracy and basic rights across the country. As proud North Carolinians, registered Democrats, and Jews, we believe our elected officials have a responsibility to defend our democracy and fight for free and fair elections.

In the race for the safe Democratic seat NC-4, two outside super PACs have spent over $2.8 million to try and choose Representative Price’s successor without allowing us—the residents of this district—to make our voices heard. This primary is now the most expensive congressional primary in North Carolina history.

One of these super PACs, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), endorsed 109 Republican insurrectionists who voted to overturn the results of the 2020 election and has a history of Islamophobic rhetoric. The other super PAC, Protect Our Future, is majority-funded by one billionaire who lives in the Bahamas and may have never set foot in the state of North Carolina. Why have these groups spent over $2.8 million (almost three times as much as all of the other candidates combined) to support one candidate in this race?

As registered Democrats, we need to work together to build a multi-racial coalition to flip our state and defend our basic rights in November, and billionaires and conservative super PACs have no place in that coalition. A Democrat who is being pushed to victory by a billionaire living in the Bahamas and a conservative super PAC cannot be a part of our pro-democracy movement.

As Jewish constituents of NC-4, we are also terrified of the rise in antisemitism that usually follows the erosion of democracy in a country. We call on AIPAC and Sam Bankman-Fried to stop trying to buy this congressional seat, and we ask all candidates in this race to refuse to accept their support. North Carolinians, and our democracy, deserve better. 

AUTHORS: Abby Lublin, Abraham Rubert-Schewel, Adam S. Levine, Alanna Davis, Alex Prolman, Ali Rosenblatt, Andrew Silver, Anna Grant, Barbara Levy, Becca Friedland, Ben Abrams, Benjamin Meier, Brandon Mond, Conor McDonough, Cora Hirschfeld, CP Prince, Dove Kent, Eleanor Hanna, Eliana Rubin, Gabriel Gold Hodgkin, Gabrielle Hartman, Garrett Dixon, Genna Cohen, Hannah Friedman, Heidi Aycock, Ian Kleinfeld, Jan West, Janet Ross, Jessica Burroughs, Jessica Klein, John Friedman, Jonah Perrin, Josh Abrams, Joshua B. Friedman, Kenny Dalsheimer, Laura Grant, Laura Wagner, Lauren Fine, Leah Abrams, Leah Erlbaum, Leah Josephson, Lia Kaz, Lily Schacht, Madelyn Friedman, Max Justice Parish, Melinda Abrams, Michal Osterweil, Millie Rosen, Molly Zimmerman, Nancy Kalow, Noa Bearman, Paul Bendich, Rabbi Salem Pearce, Rachel Karasik, Rann Bar-On, RC Collman, Rebecca Feinglos, Rebecca Fox, Rebecca Levine, Rhoda Silver, Rikki SaNogueira, Rochelle Sparko, Ruby Sinreich, Sandra Korn, Stephanie Forman, Steve Schewel. Victor Yamaykin, Zach Popkin-Hall

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