I know that there was a theme of “what to do with your family” in your Best of the Triangle issue (cover story, June 4), which I suppose is why Pittsboro was cast as a place to let one’s parents “piddle” through the antique shops. This frustrates me for several reasons, the main one being that Pittsboro is actually not an antiquing town any more: It is becoming a truly inspiring arts and crafts mecca. There are now twice as many galleries and shops with great local art than there are antique shops. Furthermore, we are about to welcome Roy Underhill of The Woodwright Shop when he opens a woodworking school this summer. The newly expanded General Store Cafe, the new Chatham Marketplace grocery co-op, and the soon-to-be-open City Tap are exceptional places that highlight great food and the amazing local music talent.

It is also so frustrating to see old and established businesses get all the recognition over and over again while the ones struggling to present something new get overlooked. (Beggars & Choosers, which half the article was about, has been there since 1977.) If you walk from Beggars & Choosers to the other antique shops mentioned, you pass four other really neat shops, two of which are only a year old but are definitely worth taking a gander at. There are so many fantastic new businesses and people full of talent and creativity that should be acknowledged.

When you do come visitand you definitely shouldcheck out the galleries, shops, eateries, historic sights and other locally owned businesses that truly represent what Pittsboro has to offer. Check out www.pittsboroshops.com for a selection of some great locally and independently owned businesses.

Ginna Earl

The writer owns Vespertine, a shop in Pittsboro.