During a Thursday night interview with Kevin Davis (Bull City Rising) and Barry Ragin (Dependable Erection), on the local bloggers’ WXDU 88.7 FM show, “Shooting the Bull,” Downtown Durham, Inc. President Bill Kalkhof said that “at some point” he wants to run for Durham City Council. Kalkhof was on the show to discuss DDI’s opposition to the proposed citywide water quality regulations, which will come up for a vote Monday.

Kevin Davis: We see you standing up at the podium at City Council frequently, and talk of the town is, you might try the flip side of the railing. Any thoughts on that, on you mulling that over?

Bill Kalkhof: Talking about running for city council?

Kevin Davis: Exactly

Bill Kalkhof: It has alwaysfirst of all, I really love this city. It’s my adopted hometown. I love it. Two is, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve been doing with the Home Builders [Association] and now with Downtown Durham, Inc. Yes, at some point I want to run for City Council. Will it be this year? I’ll make that decision by July when I have to.