Well, after the letdown of the holiday season–the New Year’s Eve festivities that nearly always tank or become rueful exercises in excess–thank God there’s a true holiday to look forward to: the birth of the King (that’s Elvis, or “E,” to you non-rock-‘n’-roll rubes). On Tuesday, Jan. 8, Kings Barcade’s Movie Night celebrates Elvis’ cinematic canon by showing two of his “better” flicks: Viva Las Vegas, with boffo dance bits with Ann-Margret at her most sex-kittenish (pictured), and my personal fave, King Creole, a glimpse into the actor “E” could have become (if The Colonel hadn’t kept him churning out family fare characterized by rancid scripts and songs so insipid you only hope “E” was digging into a Dr. Nick goody bag when he had to record those howlers). So Tuesday, enjoy a nice artery-clogging dinner–you know how Elvis enjoyed his grub–and head to Kings. Viva Elvis! Call 831-1005 for details. —Angie Carlson