It’s early, but what’s expected to be a busy campaign season in Chapel Hill is underway.

On Tuesday, incumbent Chapel Hill Town Councilman Lee Storrow announced the launch of his re-election campaign. At the age of 22, Storrow was the youngest person on the Council (and still is) upon his election in 2011.

“Serving this community for the past four years has been an enormous privilege,” Storrow said in a statement. “While we’ve accomplished a lot, I hear from residents every day about how we can improve our town. I look forward to working with folks from across Orange County in a second term to help us build a more vibrant, livable community in Chapel Hill.”

Also up for election year this year is the mayor’s post held by Mark Kleinschmidt, as well as the seats of council members Donna Bell, Jim Ward and Matt Czajkowski. Czajkowski will not be seeking re-election because he is stepping down at the end of March due to a work move.