Durham resident Ross White traveled to New York earlier this year to study with the comedy troupe The Upright Citizens Brigade (including Amy Poehler, currently a Saturday Night Live cast member), and came back fired up and ready to start his own comedy group. The result is The Zygote, which White hopes will “grow experimental comedy throughout the Triangle” and “provide more mainstream access to experimental comedy groups.” His first sally in this direction is his own comedy team, Destroy All Monsters, which will be performing at Raleigh’s ComedyWorx on Fridays at 10:30 p.m. throughout August. The Triangle-based Destroy All Monsters consists of 3 male comics and one female comic. In their August show, Big American Party, the group will take two words suggested from the audience and “blow them out into two 25-30 minute long-form improvisations,” White says. Subsequent shows at ComedyWorx will include, in September, a two-man show called “Choke Up,” brought to you by Chapel Hill comics Bill Cochran and John Karpinos; “Double Feature,” a nine-person movie-themed long-form improv group, and in December, a New York-based improv group called Episode-2. Call 829-0822 or visit www. thezygote.com for details.