Why the members of Dillon Fence aren’t sitting at home watching their own episode of Behind the Music is a mystery only mindless record executives can explain. After three full-length albums and tours opening for the likes of Hootie and The Black Crowes, the band, tired of the road, called it quits. Obviously, their batteries just needed a couple of years to recharge sufficiently. Kent Alphin spent some time with Granger, Scott Carle got together a nifty act called Collapsis, Greg Humphreys gave in to his inner soul singer and assembled the funky and ubiquitous Hobex, while Chris Goode continued playing music with the Seattle-based Straddlecat.

Last year, the band regrouped for a three-date tour that included stops in Charlotte, Winston-Salem and Carrboro. This two-disc release was recorded at the fully packed Cat’s Cradle show on Dec. 22, 2000, and finds the boys picking up right where they left off. It seems that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder: You can hear the crowd go absolutely berserk when Dillon Fence tears into the infectious riff of “For A While.” Highlights on disc one include the pop anthem “Daylight,” the crush song “Frances” and “Unnoticed,” Alphin’s turn on the mike, while Disc 2 finds the party heating up with tunes like “Ben Franklin’s Theme” and “Summer.” But “Something For You” is the track that will send chills up the spine of any Dillon Fence fan when the familiar hook sounds and the entire crowd chimes in on the falsetto intro. As fans shout out requests, Humphreys says, reassuringly, “Don’t worry, we’re gonna play it all tonight.” Not only did they play it all, they managed to capture it for posterity.