The allegations made by residents in the McDougald Terrace community during a Monday evening press conference have made Durham City Councilwoman Jillian Johnson question why the three officers involved in the fatal shooting of thirty-four-year-old Frank Clark are still employed by the city.

Johnson sent this email to City Manager Tom Bonfield today and said she was “struggling to understand” why Master Officer C.S. Barkley, Officer M.D. Southerland and Officer C.Q. Goss remained on the beat after a 2014 incident that saw an internal investigation into the men’s policing practices unfold—and was concerned that “these officers aren’t the only ones with these sorts of histories that still work for DPD”:Here is the email from Mance that she references:

Bonfield has not yet offered an explanation, but did email Johnson back and assure her that at some point next week, he would have more information.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.