Besides keeping one of the best venues for independent music in our fair region afloat, a fine by-product of the series of benefits for Go! Studios is corralling bands from all over the state. Bridging the spectrum of neo-punk to power pop, the sheer number and diversity of the artists willing to step up for the venue (and their friends who keep Go! going, many also in bands themselves) is truly impressive. Come check out some of the region’s best aggressive rock with Chapel Hill group Sentinel (fans of the harsh dissonance and thudding bass lines of labels like Amphetamine Reptile take note), along with locals Sirens. Charlotte-based hardcore/metal band CTRWOD are on the bill as well, and Braver, a neophyte Chapel Hill band with ties to Mere Exposure magazine, that put out that great “Patchwork” compilation last year. Lots to see here, so get there early, and support local music on its most basic level. 9 p.m. Call for exact show time and cover charge. 969-1400.