Occupying a space somewhere between geek and prog rock, Eyes to Space’s nearly obsessively quirky music is richly gilded and yet somehow straightforward. This may be counter-intuitive because while devoted to bouncy riffs, the band’s arrangements have more turns than a NASCAR race. It’s that these musical digressions usually aren’t discursive, but rather form a kind of quilt that envelops the songs. As such they feel like complexly textured and linked treats like shards of peanut brittle. Within the patterns exists an earnest playfulness, such as the calliope keyboard riff that runs like a string through “Roadkill.” The rich, eclectic song structures invite repeated listens, but never overwhelm the simple imperative–an infectious tune. Some of the prog rock elements (which alternate throughout with surprisingly chunky spates of guitar) are a bit too over the top, but overall this is a refreshing, intriguing album made by excellent musicians. www.eyestospace.com