Within the first two minutes of his debut EP, Median makes plenty clear: He’s a plain guy that doesn’t rock rocks, game hoes, wear ice in the grill or trifle in customary hip-hop bullshit. He claims he’s cool, calm and collected, an emcee that is just “24, but the flow more ancient than Rome, the Tigris-Euphrates is breaking the mold.” That’s Median, a self-assured emcee who exudes an all-encompassing optimism, sporting a comfort in his own skill, style and skin that’s uncanny. But it’s not just comfort at work here: It’s intellect and insight prompting this NCSU alumnus to venture into the metaphysical, to question those “hungry gorillas in this concrete jungle, fighting for life and rights in the same panic” and to emerge calmly just doing his dance. Once again, The Justus League & Co. makes another Culpepper/Moss connection.

Median hits the stage with Kaze, Spectac and Supastition–all backed by The Remix Project–on Saturday, May 28 at Cat’s Cradle.