Conceived as a way to raise awareness about the wealth of talent currently residing in the Triangle, Heard Together is a real triumph that manages to slice off a thick cross-section of the area’s music. In choosing to go for album tracks as opposed to unreleased material, this compilation is able to establish a high level of quality. Sequencing tracks from 15 different artists could be troublesome, but the album has a surprisingly nice flow to it. This is abetted by the fact that Heard Together keeps to the rock-oriented acts and eschews the hip hop and more experimental corners of the scene. That said, it’s probably worth it to get an album this solid. No dud tracks here, and there’s even last year’s Independent Music Awards Best Song winner, Portastatic’s “Autumn Got Dark.” Among the other highlights are supple instrumentalists Shark Quest’s “Sin the Moon,” The Butchies’ bubbly, power pop love song “Send Me You,” The Honored Guests’ folk-ish rock track “Postmarked,” and Transportation’s pretty, indie pop tune “Baby You’re So Young.” Other featured artists include The Comas, The Rosebuds, Cub Country, Schooner, Evil Weiner, Leadfoot and International Orange. For someone new to the Triangle or its music scene, you couldn’t have a better introduction.