The Corps may sound like a small orchestral group, replete with strings and nimble arrangements, but the full sound comes from just two Durham musicians, James Hepler and Chris Rossi. Hepler played drums in Sorry About Dresden and other projects; Rossi runs a home studio, Spacelab, where he’s recorded local groups including Cold Sides, Des_Ark and Erie Choir. Over five mostly instrumental tracks, the duo work in shifts of mood and color like dramatic scenes unfolding. No wonder they welcome any comers for invites to score an independent film. “Ora E Sempre Resistenza” sets a somber, pensive tone in movements of pipe organ and violin sounds; it’s the most engaging piece here. The layered piano-based cut “Toshiro Mifune” unfolds delicately in phases, as if it should be attached to a shot of an actor thinking deeply over some perplexing decision.

Taking the DIY digital route, Chamber Corps made this CD available for free download, with cover art, on their site: If you’re working out tracks for your next indie flick, do get in touch.