Move the TV outside.

Give away half of the long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters that I never wore this winter.

Build another birdfeeder for the woodthrush songbirds, returning any day!

Clean the wood stove ashes for “the last time.”

Add crushed oyster shells to the chicken’s cracked corn.

Go 12 hours without buying something or checking e-mail.

Change the oil in the lawnmower.

Finally put away the final strand of Valentine’s Day lights.

Notice the wind blowing in the treetops.

Take a low woods walk with my wife to her secret marsh of Atamasco lilies.

Dry an entire load of laundry on the clothesline. (Get a new bag of clothespins.)

Sweep off the foul line at the basketball slab. Don’t quit until I make five in a row.

Pick a vase full of daffodils for the kitchen table.

Get out the hammock.

Write a thank you note.

Make another list.