If you were the kind of kid who thought the syndicated Dr. Demento radio show was a real kick in the head, then the Demented Music Fest is right up your alley. Featuring local knuckleheads Larry “The Dream” Weaver (“Grandpa’s Gone Gangsta”) and self-proclaimed “king of neo-post-alt-folk” goofball John Saylor, the program also introduces Triangle music-comedy fans to Clemson artist Carla Ulbrich, whose folk songs touch on dating disasters and love gone wrong. Finishing up the bill is Bostonian Dan Hart, a former psychologist who peoples his songs with vegan cowboys and alienated kindergartners. (All four artists have CDs, if you must own this stuff and play it for your friends.) And if you’re a real fan of off-the-wall music, you can catch Weaver, Ulbrich and Hart later this month at the upcoming Weird Al Convention (as in Yankovic) in Chicago. The laugh fest takes place this Saturday, April 13, at the Carrboro ArtsCenter. Call 929-2787 for details. –Angie Carlson