Someone put a casket outside a polling place in Craven County, NC, and on that casket, someone put bumper stickers with Barack Obama’s face and the word “O’NO!”

State NAACP chairman Rev. Dr. William J. Barber said in a statement, “The casket had apparently been placed there for at least several hours, if not days. There is no telling how many voters it had frightened away. It appeared to be an obvious threat to Sen. Obamaa warning to him to stay away from North Carolina.” County sheriffs removed the casket on Friday, reports said.

WRAL reports that the county’s Director of Elections Tonya Pitts said the casket was originally for “Joe the Plumber” with a sign that read “taxed to death” — somebody put the Obama stickers on later.

Oh, well, that explains everything.

Barber called on both parties to denounce the casket prank, and to his credit, the state Republican Party spokesman Brent Woodcox did, telling The N&O, “All decent, law-abiding citizens of North Carolina are outraged by this incident.”