Sometimes all that’s needed to make music is a voice and an idea. In 1970, composer Alvin Lucier created a piece called “I Am Sitting in a Room,” in which the sound his own voice was recorded, played back in the same room, that recording itself recorded, and so on, creating layers of natural resonant frequencies. As the process continued, his original spoken words became only as important as the music they made bouncing off the walls of the room in which he uttered them. pulsoptional (formerly CSMG), a music composition collective at Duke, will perform Lucier’s beautiful experiment, “I Am Talking About Performing In a Room: Music, Language, and the Space(s) of Performance,” involving simultaneous activity in different spaces of the Doris Duke Center, as well as another composition of their own. pulsoptional has also performed works by well-known innovative composers like John Cage, Steve Reich and Erik Satie, and this one looks to be just as enthralling. Come open your ears to some new sounds at Kirby Horton Hall, Doris Duke Center at Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Duke University, Thursday, Feb. 19. The perfomance starts at 7:30 p.m. with a $5 suggested donation. For more information, contact Marc Faris at