Here’s a double bill sure to please. Sorry About Dresden work in variously paced rock that hovers in a contemplative way. Their songs have a more mature sound now, but they’re still just about what’s on their mind, and bashing it out with electric guitars now and then. Sometimes somber, often bristling with a confident excitement that comes from having played music with your friends for years.

Guitars aren’t always required at Cold Sides shows. They’re trying to blur some musical boundaries, incorporating lots of effects and gadgets, from a melodica to a Speak and Spell, but they’re still able to turn on a dime toward edgy dance rock rhythms. The anchor of their percussive sound has been Dave Cantwell, but this will be your last chance to catch him with Cold Sides. He’s playing in several bands in the Triangle, like Razzle and Cantwell, Gomez and Jordan, already, so we aren’t losing him by any means. Look for stops to be pulled out at this party for the 7-inch release on Sean McCrossin’s (CD Alley) label, Sit n’ Spin, between these two bright local outfits. It’s a local thang, you know? Juan V. and DJ Nasty Boots round out the bill on Friday, Jan. 23 at Go! Studios in Carrboro. The show starts at 10 p.m. For more information, call 969-1400.