North Carolina elected its first woman governor, and women will soon hold six out of 10 state executive positions.

But while even Fox News anchors take a moment to celebrate the milestone Barack Obama has achieved as the first African American president, you won’t find as much joyful acknowledgment from the women sweeping our state government.

“I did not want anybody to vote for me because I’m a woman,” auditor-elect Beth Wood told The N&O. “It just so happened that I was the most qualified for the position.”

Janet Cowell, who beat Republican Bill Daughtridge to become state treasurer, did note that “it shows that women have made strides” in the financial industry.

Meanwhile, most of us are distracted with new revelations about Sarah Palin’s ignorance, incompetence and temper tantrums. The way McCain’s campaign is throwing her under the bus, it almost makes me feel sorry for her.

The many competent, capable women in politics must be hoping Caribou Barbie will just go away. We need attention to women’s policies, not their wardrobes.