Last year, Manbites Dog Theater’s PuzzleHunt event sent over 500 people scurrying over Durham Central Park, solving various sorts of jigsaw puzzles, riddles, interactive puzzles and rebuses. These puzzles were presented in a variety of ways, from entertaining mini-performances of dance, music and theater (this year, performed by Collage Dance Company, Southern High School Marching Band, and Shakespeare & Originals Theater Company), to a “mystery puzzle” hidden in plain sight. Teams that solve all six preliminary puzzles can try to win prizes by solving one of two “Final Challenge” puzzles. PuzzleHunt is free–all you have to do is register in Central Park on Sunday, May 5 between noon and 1 p.m., and pick up your team’s PuzzleHunt bag containing a map and a list of numbered clues. Still puzzled? For more information, you can visit the Manbites Dog Web site at, or call 682-4974 for details.