The Republicans took hold of the redistricting process last year with a vengeance, and one casualty is Rep. Jennifer Weiss, D-Wake, a true progressive and someone you could depend on throughout her 12 years in the General Assembly to do what she thought was right, not what was politically expedient. Weiss’s home address in Cary was drawn into a Republican-heavy district now represented by Rep. Tom Murry, R-Wake; meanwhile, a Democratic-leaning district next door was left without an incumbent. That’s how they roll.

Weiss issued this statement today:

For the past twelve years, it has been a tremendous honor and privilege for me to represent the people of Wake County in the North Carolina House. Over the years, I have knocked on thousands of doors across the Triangle and listened to the views, concerns and suggestions of my constituents. I have worked with my colleagues to improve education and to prepare our workforce for 21st century jobs. I have fought to protect the health and safety of our children, senior citizens in our state and people with mental and physical disabilities. I have been a staunch advocate for public health and I have worked to preserve our air and water quality and to sustain and improve our quality of life.

I have decided not to file for re-election in 2012. This has been a difficult decision for me but I feel that it is time for me to take a break from politics, pursue some of my other interests and spend more time with my family and friends. Serving in the NC House has been one of the greatest opportunities in my life. Not only have I had a seat at the table, and a voice and a vote to promote policies that I believe in, I have also met remarkable people who care deeply about helping to move our state forward.

I will always be grateful to the people of the Triangle and across the State of NC who gave me the opportunity to serve in the NC House and provided me with help, advice and support. I feel very fortunate to have served under the leadership of former Speaker Hackney who continues to serve our state with distinction.

I am confident that there will be a strong Democratic candidate running in House District 41 who will launch an effective campaign for the NC House and who will provide the new district with the leadership needed to make NC more competitive in the global economy and to address the critical needs of our state.

I am honored to represent my constituents through the end of this year. No matter what the future holds, I will continue to advocate for policies that move NC in a positive direction.