On a day that the New York Times joins CNN in marking Virginia down as “leaning Democrat,” John McCain has authorized robo-calls in the state that imply Barack Obama does not want to keep you safe. That’s right, Americans–there’s a lot about Obama you don’t know. Worse, he supports the U.S. Supreme Court in its decision to extend habeas corpus rights to detainees at Guantanamo. (In other words, he is a terrorist–who does not want to keep you safe. Also, he is not who you think he is. Did we mention, he is a terrorist?)

“Barack Obama, and his fellow Democrats, aren’t who you think they are,” the robo-caller says. “They say they want to keep you safe, but Barack Obama said the threat we face now from terrorism is nowhere near as dire as it was at the end of the Cold War. And Congressional Democrats now want to give civil rights to terrorists.”

UPDATE: It gets worse. Robo-calls placed to North Carolina homes allege that Obama conspired to prevent doctors from saving babies born during late-term abortions–a claim that was roundly refuted during the third presidential debate. So far, four robo-calls paid for by the McCain campaign have been identified, each containing misleading statements intended to create fear of Obama.