According to Endangered Durham:

Reportedly, the front of the DPAC will show ads for a variety of products, except on performance nights, when it will camouflage the front of the building with “an undiverse populace streaming in and out” to make visitors from Raleigh more comfortable in Durham. The board of Downtown Durham Disintegrated (DDD) were staunchly non-committal regarding the plan.

And, in other Durham news, the County will reportedly unveil a landmark deal next week with the RDU Airport Authority, in which the county agrees to dedicate a “large surface parking lot, extending from the Downtown Loop to the Durham County Line” that will serve as Park-n’-Ride Lot F.

E.D. reports:

Sources were less clear on what the airport planned to contribute, but, at the insistence of County Manager MR Pufnstuf appeared “nearly almost ready” to commit to, once a month, compelling flight attendants to say “Welcome to Durham” when a plane lands.

The rest of the no-holds-barred roundup–available on Gary Kueber’s award-winning, and typically more low-key blog about the parcel-by-parcel demolition of Durham’s history–is a must-see.