Tribute bands can be a little scary. Are they kitsch? A steady gig? A chance to step into the shoes of an established, beloved musical figure and bask in the second-hand adoration? With two of the actual Beatles now rocking the Elysian Fields and Sir Paul McCartney busy getting remarried and managing his billions, “1964” … The Tribute, is not only a tribute but a nostalgic trip back to The Beatles at their most innocent and uncontroversial. The faux Fab Four do a bang-up job of recreating the band’s early look and sound, right down to having “Paul” relearn to play as a lefty. Using vintage costumes and gear as well as Liverpudlian accents, the four cover the Beatles’ pre-Sgt. Pepper material. Billed as “the most accurate and fun Beatles tribute to date” (prompting one to ask, “How many ersatz Beatles bands are there, and just who is the least accurate and most dismal of the bunch?), “1964” … The Tribute plays this Saturday, June 29, at Durham’s Carolina Theatre. Call 560-3030 for details. –Angie Carlson