The attack ads accusing Supreme Court Justice Robin Hudson

of siding with child molesters have been widely decried, even by her

opponent Eric Levinson. This spring, a post-Citizens United dark

money operation called Justice for All NC spent $900,000 on a failed

blitz to knock Hudson, a registered Democrat out of the primary.

Two days ago, the New York Times Joe Nocera weighed in. North

Carolina has been a recent focal point for the Grey Lady, both for the

Tillis/Hagan race that could swing the Senate, and for being a kind

of testing ground for the efficacy of 21st century conservative, deregulatory

schemes and campaign spending in the wake of Citizens United.

Former Supreme Court justices, both conservative and democrat, were

appalled by the ads, which, as Bert Brandenberg of Justice at Stake tells

the Times, are becoming the “new normal.”

An impartial judiciary is being overrun by big money.