Always ask for money when a patron is leaving a store; that way they are less likely to complain inside.

Engage someone in a conversation before you ask for money. What should you talk about? “If it’s a guy, talk about their car. Guys love to talk about their car.” Mark adds “if it’s a girl, reach down and pet their dog. They love that. If you like their dog, they like you.”

After conversing with someone, walk away, then turn back and ask, as if an afterthought, whether they would happen to have some change.

Always conceal how much money you have been given.

Think strategically about where to beg. Early morning, a coffee shop or breakfast place is your best bet. Between 4 and 5 p.m., a copy center is a good choice, as people are rushing to get things copied and faxed before the end of the workday.

Note: This article appeared as a sidebar to The Family