Last week, Sara Pequeño wrote about the sudden closure of the Carolina Theatre, and the subsequent backlash from laid-off employees and fans of the venue.

“I view ‘the pandemic’ as a natural disaster,” wrote Facebook user GLENN MAUGHAN. “Hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, droughts, and climate change are similar problems. Bad things happen when preparations are none, when money is never enough, and good help is hard to find.”

In other news, Pequeño also covered dueling protests by The Proud Boys and antiracist activists in downtown Raleigh last week. A heavy police presence separated the protests, and there were no reports of violence.

“Police nationwide have repeatedly been accused of being too cozy with the far-right, including extremist groups like the Proud Boys, while overreacting to left-wing protestors,” wrote Facebook user LARRY G. JONES. “This was evident here in Raleigh, according to INDY Week.”

“Hmmmm… notorious MAB gave RPD $120 million—not the Proud Boys though. Did the Proud Boys throw bricks at the woke INDY Week?” wrote JOHN CURTIS SMITH. “Our mayor has done more to uphold fascism, and y’all don’t care.”

“Wonder why they are wearing masks?” asked ROBIN CUBBON

“If they’re so ‘proud,’” replied VERONICA JAMES.