Al Riggs

Wondering how to tackle the fifty-some hours of music that take place at Hopscotch between Thursday and Sunday? Look no further. Read more



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Prior INDY favorite "Hell House" had roots in crepuscular folk-rock, but "Lavender Scare" goes full-on synth-pop, though it retains a quicksilver live feel, thanks to the use of MIDI controllers. Read more


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photo courtesy of the artist

The prodigious local songwriter and musician is releasing their zillionth album next Friday, but we've got it streaming in its entirety right now. Read more


The latest entry in Riggs's vast catalog manages to be both seductive and tender. Read more



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A battery of local musicians rally at The Station on Sunday to raise money to offset their medical bills. Read more


Buy some local music and support voting rights. It's easy! Read more


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Still from These C*cksucking Tears, dir. Dan Taberski

Lavender Country performs with Paisley Fields and Severed Fingers at The Pinhook on Wednesday, Mar. 13. Read more

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