Justin The Roodge Ruggiano

Because if they didn’t, Justin Ruggiano and Carlos Hernandez wouldn’t have seen my last post, in which I encouraged both of them to start performing or risk falling off of the Tampa radar of viable major-leaguers. Fortunately, they read my post, as they surely do all of my posts, and took my words as nothing less than a call to action. Hernandez threw six scoreless innings, and the Roodge (as I will call Ruggiano whenever he rakes), the Roodge hit three home runs. Three! In consecutive at-bats. And the Bulls won 7-0 at Gwinnett.

Reid Brignac also homered and Jon Weber went 3-6, but at the risk of being careless, who cares? Justin Ruggiano, the Roodge, hit three taters. He could have hit four, which would have tied the single-game record, but in a show of humility he chose to hit into a fielder’s choice instead in his fifth at-bat.

I now suggest that tomorrow’s starter, James Houser, give me all of his frequent flyer miles.