“Misquoth the Raven”

In this paper you are holding, something ghastly is unfolding,
graveyard plots, macabre shops and local horror on the screen
Glenn McDonald tries ghost-busting; our Zack Smith needs time adjusting
to a store that’s très disgusting (and surveys the spook house scene).
Colin Warren-Hicks intones a haunting tale of Durm cuisine
think Four Square in X-Files green.

Tina Haver Currin whispers of a yearly Oakwood fixture
where a resident gets loco with his children-scaring theme.
And when Tina goes to visit a corn maze a most exquisite,
quite surprising proposition shakes herwill she swoon or scream?
You can see our blog for that and other eerie little things.
Don’t be scaredit’s all a dream.

But if you would rather party or do something kind of arty
than confront the paranormal we’ve got that for which you fiend
Eric Tullis has the story of a Monsters Ball that’s gory
when the dance floor goes for glory in a costumed bash (no jeans),
plus Fred Wasser hands out sundry tricks and treats and that could mean
one thing only: Halloween.See below for the contents of our Halloween special, and look in the paper for “Where We’ll Be” and calendar spotlights of more Halloween events.