Wednesday is asshole night in Raleigh, apparently.

Today, the new Raleigh Improv comedy club—which is located in Cary and is part of a national chain—announced that Louis C.K. will be making a one-night appearance on Wednesday night. The masturbating sexual harasser, who has recently taken to making cruel jokes about Parkland shooting survivors in other pop-up sets, will be “trying new material XXX Adults only,” according to the ticketing page, where tickets are $35–$85.

Also on Wednesday, the YouTube-famous Hodgetwins are performing at Goodnights Comedy Club in Raleigh. While they’re significantly less famous than their misogynistic counterpart, the pair gave themselves quite the boost over the weekend, when they released a stomach-turning response to a video that showed teens in MAGA hats harassing Nathan Phillips, an Omaha tribal elder and Vietnam veteran, as he sang and beat a drum at the Indigenous Peoples’ March in Washington, D.C.

The Hodgetwins deride Phillips for about three minutes, saying, “What are y’all protesting? I thought you n____s was dead!” They make further derogatory remarks and gestures about Indigenous people throughout the video.

Way to go, everybody! How bubbly is the Triangle’s “progressive bubble” feeling right now? 

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  1. You point out that Raleigh Improv isn’t actually in Raleigh but hey, why let that stop you from busting on Raleigh? It’s close enough, amirite?

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