Through the front windshield

the black and white billboard reads

“God bless George and Jeb Bush”

It faces south on Route One

in a white sand Florida field

Nearby stands an abandoned statue of

Jesus in the reeds

ringed with wild cabbage palms

robes chipped

and by the sun faded

In the rearview mirror

the tailgating mullet-headed redneck

sunken, still eyes

filled with years of murderous thoughts

now justified

by the ripped and wind whipped

American flag on the aerial

of his rust embroidered pick-up truck

Secretly jealous of the Taliban

they know how to

keep their women down

Through the side window

washed out pink and yellow

one floor motels

signs under rasping palm trees

“kitchenettes cable air

this area patrolled by police”

I pass a Christmas manger scene

raised on crooked two-by-fours

roof made of clear plastic

held together with silver duct tape

surrounded by Disney dwarves

from holy Orlando nearby

I pass Hunt Club Road

shaded by Spanish Moss

where grown men

shoot snakes for fun

crush 50-year-old turtles

because they can

torture dogs for fighting and racing

I stop

at a moldy shelved country store

where thick legged brown skinned women

from broken wrist divorces

whose eyes haven’t seen much mercy

are sent back inside

for the third time

by cursing men

because they bought the

wrong brand of cigarettes

and forgot the lottery tickets

Most people here limp

everyone smokes