Many years back and even now, most newspapersincluding this onefailed to focus their time and resources on the future of their own media and the movement of their own methods. That is, the wave of the Internet thatthreatens to wash away printing presses and back-issue stacks was always seen as something to run from, not to build against and away from. In the daily grind of getting ads secured and payment delivered, the story written right and filed, the issue to bed and to the stands, a whole lot of folks invested too heavily in the here-and-now and not considering that, if forward action wasn’t considered, the here-and-now may not exist much longer.

And, now, of course, everyone is playing a massive game of catch-up, if they’re bothering to play at all.

So let’s cede this one: Don’t watch our humble videos of Chatham County Line and Jonas Fjeld’s Raleigh debut here. Instead, watch the people who do video wella TV stationcapture the show with one sharp camera, a line into the Berkeley Cafe’s mixing board and a (smart) lack of editing that both captures the chemistry between CCL and Fjeld and allows us to watch the concert in full less than a week after it happened.