Even The Losers: A Tom Petty Tribute
The Pinhook, Durham
Wednesday, February 14, 2018

When Tom Petty passed away unexpected ly in early October, he left behind an impressive artistic legacy and scores of admirers. A few months later in Durham, a tribute concert at The Pinhook served as a sort of communal mourning for an artist who affected so many.

Below is a playlist of fifteen songs from the evening’s performance, which featured Kym Register, Joe Hall, Kamara Thomas, Phil Cook, Keil Jansen, Molly Sarlé, Tamisha Waden and Joel Holloway, Allie Mullin and Brad Rice, Skylar Gudasz, Shilette Ammons, Libby Rodenbough, Rissi Palmer and M.C. Taylor. Click through to hear cuts like “Won’t Back Down,” “American Girl,” “Wildflowers,” and more.