Tim Easton & Brett Harris
The Cary Theater, Cary
Friday, Sept. 25, 2015

A rainy Friday evening in Cary greeted the latest edition of the Six String Presents series, hosting roots musicians Tim Easton from Nashville and Brett Harris from Durham. The crowd clutched their insulated cups of warm beverages, as they attempted to fight the early fall chill. Brett Harris kicked off the evening. With a set of new songs set for an early 2016 release, he offered a preview of the coming material. He mixed in a heartwarming story around the song “Grey Skies Blue,” which describes his mother’s journey as a caregiver.

Tim Easton, the Nashville-based singer-songwriter, also debuted new material, set for release next year. The flat-picking guitarist opened with his ode to Elmore James, tapping his foot along while he played the thumping melody and wailed on the harmonica. Easton has 10 solo albums, but that did not stop the crowd from requesting a number played during his time with The Haynes Boys. The song, “Jackie,” tells the story of a car he once drove cross country being towed and crushed when the musician was out of the country. Easton also debuted a new song called the “Old New Straitsville Blues,” which put his flatpicking abilities front and center.

The evening closed with Harris and Easton collaborating on the John Hartford number “In Tall Buildings,” which was delivered as a perfect cap. The Cary Theater continues to be one of the more hidden gems in the Triangle to see a well lit, great-sounding acoustic show.

Brett Harris, “Grey Skies Blue”

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