Seeing Bobby Bare Jr. perform is like watching Joe Cocker in his early years–you know it’s gonna spin out of control and come to a bad end, but it’s so goddam impressive and moving you can’t take your eyes off it. His daddy, Bare Sr. is a country music legend, famous for hits including “Detroit City” and “Miller’s Cave.” But there’s no country in this Bare. And although on the cover of his latest release, OK, I’m Sorry, he looks like a bloody victim of the same accident that befell Andrew WK on his I Get Wet record, there’s nothing for Bare to apologize for. The highlight of the disc is the live performance video that precedes the songs. Looking like a wounded bear reeling around on his hind legs, Bare bleats out the tortured love song, “Valentine,” while the Young Criminals provide a perfect minimalist punk rock background. Buy this record now and go see him when he’s in your town. Trailer Bride opens at the Cats Cradle performance, this Friday night. 8 pm. $8. 967-9053.