Bill Randall unburdened himself today on a subject that’s clearly kept him up nights. Randall, a candidate in Tuesday’s runoff election for the Republican nomination in the 13th N.C. congressional district — Rep. Brad Miller’s seat — thinks it’s possible, for reasons he can’t explain, that BP wanted an oil leak in the Gulf … and the federal government, which as you know is capable of perfidy beyond our understanding, also wanted a BP leak … and there was “collusion” … but then, as these things sometimes do, it all got out of hand.

Watch and learn as Randall explains for about three minutes (from News14 Carolina).

Or, start with this primer:

“Maybe they wanted it to leak, but then it got beyond what was anticipated and we had an explosion and loss of life,” Randall said. “Is there a cover up going on? I’m not saying there necessarily is. But I think that there are enough facts on the table for people who really need to do so to do some investigative research and find out what went on with that.”

Randall is running against Bernie Reeves for the GOP nomination.