Confirming what we knew by Election Night, Democracy North Carolina has crunched the state’s voting numbers and found:

  • Obama, Hagan and Perdue each led by more than 300,000 votes after Early Voting, then lost on Election Day
  • North Carolina’s turnout rate was 70 percent, the highest since 1968. Wake and Durham counties were in the top 10.
  • The “under-vote” problem turned out not to be a big problem. There was widespread fear before Election Day that many people would fail to vote for president because that race is not included in a straight party ticket vote in North Carolina. But under-voting affected only 1 percent of ballots cast, after election officials — and the Obama campaign, of course — worked hard to educate voters.

This information is not yet posted on Democracy NC’s web site, but you can see the numbers here.

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