We told you last year that it was coming—that metered parking would replace Durham’s current follow-the-sign-and-hope-you-don’t-get-a-ticket system. And in a few weeks, the Bull City will, indeed, be home to hundreds of meters, as officials look to alleviate the problem of having too many vehicles downtown at once.

Here’s a map of just where you’ll find meters beginning February 27:

And here are the answers to some questions one might have as he/she looks ahead to the prospect of having to feed a meter:

So there you have it. And while the $1.50/hour rate seems a bit high for our taste, it has to be better than having to take timestamped pictures of your car to prove you didn’t deserve the unwarranted parking ticket we’ve all gotten at one time or another.

For more information on the change, visit www.parkdurham.org