Good morning. Here’s what you missed over the weekend.

1. Roy Cooper’s lead grows, McCrory delays the inevitable.

After losing protests to Republican-controlled county boards of election around the state, the McCrory campaign, on Friday, took its plea to the North Carolina State Board of Elections, which in turned held an emergency teleconference late Sunday afternoon.

From the N&O:

The State Board of Elections on Sunday rejected a request from Gov. Pat McCrory’s campaign to take over election protest reviews, instead setting a 10 a.m. Tuesday meeting to set guidelines for counties to address the complaints.


The election complaints come as the final ballots are counted in a tight governor’s race between McCrory and Democrat Roy Cooper, the state’s attorney general.

The latest tally on the State Board of Elections website has Cooper leading by about 6,600 votes, although the Cooper campaign said Saturday that its latest count shows the lead has grown to 7,900 votes as more votes are counted.

McCrory’s endgame seems to be to drag this out long enough so it can be thrown to and decided by the overwhelmingly Republican General Assembly. The system works!

2. Dakota Access pipeline protesters shot with water cannons in below-freezing temperatures; local sheriff’s office denies it.

One of the most underreported stories of the year took a darker turn last night as Native American water rights protesters were hit with water cannons in below-freezing temperatures in North Dakota.
From the Bismarck Tribune:

According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, about 400 Dakota Access Pipeline protesters were at the bridge as of 8:30 p.m. They were allegedly trying to move north through a police line and starting fires.


Dallas Goldtooth, an organizer with the Indigenous Environmental Network, posted on Facebook Sunday night that protesters were “done with the military-style barricades.”

“It was to open up the road so in the daylight the world can see the face of militarized law enforcement and state oppression,” he wrote of clearing vehicles from the road.

Goldtooth reported that police sprayed protesters with a water cannon and used tear gas and concussion grenades to repel the protesters. It was 26 degrees in Cannon Ball at 9 p.m.

3. The weekend in Trump.

4. More wildfires in western NC.


Already, more than 1,000 firefighters are battling several wildfires that have been burning for at least a week.

Now, McDowell County officials say that a wildfire broke out late Saturday night and has grown to 800 acres by Sunday afternoon. Another smaller wildfire also is active in McDowell County, officials say.

The largest fire is called the Clear Creek Fire. As of Sunday afternoon there have been no evacuations, but Clear Creek and Curtis Creek areas are closed.

Emergency workers have gone door-to-door in the Clear Creek, Old Clear Creek and Ladybug Drive areas notifying residents of potential dangers, McDowell County Emergency Management said.

That’s it, have a good one.