There’s so much bad political and environmental news coming out of North Carolina that The New York Times should probably have a bureau here.

In today’s edition of North Carolina travesties, Derb Carter, director of the Chapel Hill office of the Southern Environmental Law Center, wrote a scathing op-ed “Smoke in the Water,” bout the state lawmakers and agencies that are giving Duke Energy a legal pass on a thorough clean up of its coal ash ponds.

“These are the laws that allow us to feel confident that when we turn on our taps and pour a glass of water, that water is going to be clean and free of toxins. These are the safeguards that stand between us and corporations that have demonstrated, with every single leaking coal ash pit, that what they care most about is profit, not the health and safety of North Carolina’s families,” Carter writes.

To that point, the Triangle Duke Energy Action Group and N.C. WARN supporters have announced they will distribute “coal ash cupcakes” to the offices of all 170 legislators. Tomorrow is Coal Ash Lobby Day. The delivery begins at 9:30 a.m. Activists will meet in front of the N.C. Museum of History.