Duke University announced today that the Class of 2022 will be getting random roommate assignments. SURPRISE!

The change could encourage students to get out of their comfort zones, but seems bound to cause some headaches, too. I for one found my freshman roommates through a Facebook questionnaire. Half ended up being some of my best friends, half ended up dating drug dealers who took over our dorm to film shitty experimental movies (Oh, college!) So, really this thing could go either way.

In a letter to incoming freshman, Larry Moneta, the vice president of Student Affairs, and Steve Nowicki, the dean and vice provost for Undergraduate Education, said the change is being made amid “increasing numbers of students who have pre-selected roommates, often with very similar backgrounds to their own.”

Moneta tweeted out the full letter:

“Our experience over many years assures us (and thus, you) that you’ll be fine…better, in fact!” they wrote. “We believe you’ll enjoy the opportunity to meet someone you’ve not previously known and will have a great opportunity to explore your roommate’s history, culture and interests.”

Lifestyle preferences, like preferred sleep hours, as well as medical needs “and other requirements for distinctive accommodations,” will be taken into account in making the assignments. The school will also work with assigned roommates who “have compatibility challenges.” What could go wrong?