Deal or No Deal

The Pour House–Sorry, kids, but Reality TV is not the bane of our cultural existence, and it definitely doesn’t signal the death of imagination. If anything, shows like VH1’s Surreal Life and CBS’s Big Brother teach us that drama–purportedly real, or entirely scripted–is and always has been about pace, and more importantly, deft editing. Besides, by now we’re all in on the joke–those hot makeout sessions are all pretty contrived, and the fights probably never happened anyway. But that doesn’t change the fact that we scream at the “real events” transpiring on our TV screens every night of the week. But, if you can pull yourself away from that DVR’d episode of The Bachelor: Paris and head to The Pour House Wednesday evening, you just might find yourself in the hot seat on the next season of NBC’s how-much-money-is-in-that-briefcase craze Deal or No Deal. Reality runs from 4 to 9 p.m.–Robbie Mackey