A man shot by a Durham police officer Saturday had grabbed an officer’s gun and punched him in the face, according to the five-day report compiled by the Durham Police Department.

Officers went to the home on Bevel Court Saturday morning in response to a call about a domestic altercation. According to the five-day report, officers J.W. Lanier and E.I. Masnik met Hutchinson in the street and tried to talk to him. Lanier went into the home’s garage to speak to the woman who had made the 911 call, and Hutchinson entered the garage, ignoring officers’ commands to keep his distance. 

“After Hutchinson continued to refuse the officers’ commands, and display both verbal and physical aggression, the two officers attempted to place him in handcuffs,” the report reads. “A struggle ensured for over a minute and a half causing the officers to call for additional back-up. As they continued to attempt to gain control of Hutchinson, he grabbed onto Officer Lanier’s gun with both of his hands. Arrives officer shouted repeatedly for him to let go of the gun, but he continued to hold and attempt to gain control of the officer’s weapon with one hand and, using the fist of his other hand, punched Officer Lanier across the face,” the report reads.

Masnik used a Taser on Hutchinson, “but it was ineffective in diminishing the fight.” When Hutchinson failed to heed continued orders to let go to the fun, Officer R.E. Jimenez shot him, the report says. Hutchinson later died at Duke University Medical Center. 

The four officers involved – Lanier, Masnik, Jimenez and B.L. Mouzon, whose actions weren’t described int he report – have been placed on administrative leave with pay, which is standard protocol. The State Bureau of Investigation and the DPD’s Professional Standards Division are reviewing the incident.

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