Commenter chuckde424 says something was missing from last week’s cover story on the legislature’s five major misdeeds in the short session: “The continued attack on urban areas, generally not controlled by the governing party, would seem to be something that you might have mentioned.”

“Pat McCrory and the Republican-heavy legislature shows they don’t give a hoot about the rights and needs of regular people,” adds cityfox. “They want total control of every aspect of the lives of citizens and taxpayers for the benefit of the wealthy. McCrory morphed quickly into a guardian of privilege. Let’s hope in November that the people revolt, sending the power grubbers to the political graveyard.”

Finally, Roy B. argues that Donald Trump’s praise for Saddam Hussein’s terrorist-killing abilities, which we blogged about last week, wasn’t entirely off-base: “Saddam Hussein was a human-rights violator, antidemocratic dictator, and ruled with a strong fist. But the argument that he kept terrorists out is factually sound and one many on the left (including myself) have used for years in explaining why George W. Bush was such an idiot. Hussein would stomp out anything that was a threat to his power, and that included radical groups. It also included a lot of innocent people. We didn’t go in to free them, though. We went in because of a huge intelligence failure regarding WMDs. But there would be no Al Qaeda in Iraq, ISIS, or other such groups if it hadn’t been for the invasion opening the door for them.”

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