Larry Pittman, the insane North Carolina Republican that even the other insane North Carolina Republicans want to distance themselves from, is running for the state House of Representatives again.

In a long-winded Facebook post on Thursday, Pittman—who represents the 83rd District in Cabarrus and Rowan Counties—announced his re-election campaign, telling supporters within two paragraphs that the Democrats and “Republicans In Name Only” were trying to win by having a lawyer run against him in the March primary elections.

And by God, does Larry hate lawyers. 

“You know, that’s just what we need, another lawyer in the Legislature,” Pittman wrote. “There are already plenty of them, and where have they gotten us?”

Stupid lawyers, always telling you that you can’t hang abortion doctors in the public square because of the dumb constitution or up and secede from the Union because of gay marriage. 

Later on in the post, he says he was proud to have voted against the repeal of HB 2 and reassures people that he is “just a small church pastor” who wants to support the working class the best way he can: by making sure folks have guns and banning “welfare” from going to big corporations.

Since his 2011 appointment to the House, Pittman has tried to outlaw gay marriage by claiming it was its own religion, said that the mass shooting in Parkland occurred because the shooter was a communist wanting to “push for gun control so they can more easily take over the country,” and, most famously, compared Abraham Lincoln to Adolf Hitler.


Larry Pittman doesn’t care that we think, of course, and neither do folks in his district; he’s won every election since 2012. That being said, he only won in 2018 by about 5 percent, so, you know, maybe? Running against him in the primary this year is Jay White. If he prevails against that RINO Lawyer, he’ll go on to face Gail Young in November. Young—who is not a lawyer but is instead a retired Mecklenburg County land-use official, which is probably worse—ran against Pittman in 2018. 

Pittman says this will be his last election, as he’s “promised from the beginning not to serve more than five full terms,” according to his website. 

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